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Direct Cremation is a cost-effective method for those families with limited budgets or for those who prefer simplicity. There is no viewing or visitation and no need for embalming. Once the proper paperwork and authorizations are in place, the transferred remains are placed in a cremation container and taken directly to the crematory for cremation.  Arrangements are then made with family members to return the ashes.

Following direct cremation it is very common to bury ashes in a family grave or to have them placed in a crypt or niche. Families also typically choose a date for a Memorial Service or Graveside Service following Direct Cremation.

Direct Burial or immediate burial is another cost-effective method for those families with limited budgets, or for those who prefer a simpler service without any viewing or visitation.  

Once all necessary paperwork is in order, the transferred remains are placed in a casket and transported to the selected cemetery for burial or entombment. Generally embalming is not necessary except in the case of entombment where the cemetery regulations might require embalming.  A graveside service is typically planned as part of a direct burial.


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