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TRADITIONAL FUNERAL SERVICE WITH CREMATION - generally includes the following:

A Wake, as it is traditionally called, also referred to as a Viewing or Visitation. This is a period for friends, family and loved ones to visit with the bereaved family. Guests come to offer their condolences, to share special stories and memories, to reminisce, to offer words of support and to pay their final respects to the deceased.
The casketed body of your loved one is present. For cremation the casket must be of a wood material not metal. The presentation of the body is the centerpiece of any traditional funeral service, where the art and talents of the funeral professionals come together to bring peace, healing and closure. As per the wishes of the family or those of the deceased, the casket can also be closed.

Typically families choose 1 day wakes or viewings but other options are available such as ½ day and 2-3 day viewings.

Video Tributes, Photo Collages, Flowers, Eulogies, Memorial Cards, Memorabilia and Personal Mementos can all be included to commemorate and pay tribute to the unique life of the person who has passed.

A Religious Service . Depending on the religious persuasion of the deceased, religious services will vary. Examples are a funeral mass in a Catholic Church, a Jewish service in a Synagogue or a Protestant Service in a funeral chapel or place of worship that might include programs, readings, music, a eulogy and possibly military honors for a veteran.
Although these services tend to be religious, they can also be more secular in nature, highlighting cultural rituals and personal interests.

A Hearse (the elongated funeral car designed to carry a casket) to transport the deceased to the crematory. Generally, family members and friends drive behind the hearse in a procession to the crematory.

Place of Final Disposition with regard to cremation is the local crematory. Family members have the choice to accompany to the crematory, where some even allow for a short service. Or families can also bid farewell to their loved one after the religious service or following visitation if there is no religious service.

Ashes can be transferred into an urn/urns and buried in a family grave or placed in the niche of a columbarium in a cemetery, following the cremation process. They can also be scattered at sea with a multitude of other options available.

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